Long is the way through the rules,
Short and hearty through the examples
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Knowledge and experience contribute to each person’s decision to make no mistake.
And knowing about the mistakes made by others is speeding up the work of others because they don’t make mistakes that others have made.

We train in Visual Merchandising, the Art of Sales, styling and product line planning. These integral parts of Retail Strategy help the brand maintain presentation of product and information at the highest level, and in the long term lead to a stronger brand-client relationship, stable customer traffic, and greater customer satisfaction with shopping and your brand.

Together with the training, you will receive printed materials from us to help you get back to the information you have gained during the training and we also do workshops to keep information in the mind.

Visual Merchandising

We train your staff in the field of Visual Merchandising, Product Information, Styling and Product Combinations. These training help you to keep store network at the highest level of brand presentation.


We also provide a manual of Visual Merchandising, which includes chapters about Branding, Exterior standards, Interior standards, Pre-Retail, Visual Merchandising techniques, Layout, Shop Window designing, Art of Sales, Psychology of an Interior and Communication, and many many pictures and examples. This book is available in czech language and we preparing also next language variants