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Properly arranged shop can sell much more and makes easier work of shop assistants. Professional product presentations build a brand image and increase the value of the goods.

Our visual merchandisers are able to visit your stores and improved and keep your product presentation, maintain standards and train your staff in sales skills. Of course during regular VM Visits at your store network we do more than you expect from our side.

What we do during one day of regular VM visit at your store?

We find 3 – 5 biggest problems of product presentation and VM standards and will fix the

New marketing campaigns are implemented into focal points, product layout and presentatio

Your store gets a new fresh look and customer’s interest for buyin

All products are checked, like sizes, product range, stock inventory and we suggest you what you can do to improve        your turnovers

Also we advise you how to improve old in-store design, if you will need it

Number of VM Visits

VM Visits 296pc
In-store Designs 6pc
Shop Window designs 15pc



– layout and setup equipments
– we arrange products, focal points and mannequins
– we help introducing new collections
– we prepare a store for sale
– we minimize slow move products
– we arrange shop windows
– we improve a customer environment

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We help to companies with a design and production of expositions. We arrange the exposition on the highest level to take a new customers into an interest. Of course, we can help you with a styling of your sales representatives and hostesses.