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VM Project helps a brand to increase turnovers, maintain visual standards of stores and product presentations across the store network, to make stable customer traffic and  continuously share product information and standards of pro-client communication.

We combine all points of visual and not-visual communication
according to the philosophy of the brand, and we include them into
a comprehensive an inspirational concept that will helping
the brand to sell more and maintain the best shopping & customer environment. The concept can have a form like a book, websites or other electronic form, which you can share across your network.

Do not hesitate to contact us → immediately to gain our help.


Our focus is on:

Presentation of goods
Visual merchandising techniques
Sales zones
Assortment planing
Product layout at the store
Custom trafic
Focal points
Design of furniture, Lighting

Our Result in Markets

– Increased turnover for 50% during 4 years of our one client

– 20% growth of turnovers in one markets during one year

– We helped to gain almost 500 000 EUR more during 4 years

– During every VM visit, which we did, every store has been replenished by products in value of 1000 up to 8000 Eur, which otherwise were stocked in a storage room.

– Every new employee has gained continuously information about collections, specifics of products, visual standards, and has been trained in visual merchandising techniques & standards

– Almost all stores have got a new look after our VM visit, which it helped to renew a customer interest for buying