Projects tailored to our clients needs.

Every business is different, every market has own trends, every client has special requirements.
By using our knowledge and experiences with different brands and markets we can provide a strategy how to be successful at your market. Our team is always ready to be for you, help you, inspire you and do the unbelievable things.

Our agency is completely focused on the strategy at the retail business and is able to help you with Visual Merchandising projects, in-store design, designs of any kind of displays and shop windows, fragrance of your stores – Scent Marketing, and finally with knowledge of your employees in sales and VM.

Visual Expert Intro →

Be Premium Brand

Premium and well-done displays say more than a thousand words.
Pleasant environment provide to customers unforgettable shopping experiences.

Very often we had looking for the best presentation tools, equipment and solutions for our clients and many times we could not find the best products for our projects from suppliers at the local markets.
It made us to do a decision to find the best suppliers anywhere of the World and start to cooperate with them.
Now, we are able with our excellent suppliers to provide you the best solution tailored to your requirements of mannequins, fragrance of your business, tools which are very effective in promoting the brand and its products.

Scent Marketing → – create a smell of your business
Display Tools → – like mannequins, plinth, display equipment are the best tool how to show customers product combination, styling and trends

Step by step we lead your Retail project

Do you want to prepare your new store or store for refurbishment?

  1. Consulting
    We will discus with You about your ideas, requirements and standards and we prepare a solution for your new store
  2. Design
    Together prepare designs which will attract your customers. We combine huge knowledge of Visual Merchandising together with nice ideas of our Architects
  3. Build up
    Do you need to bring ideas to the reality and you don’t have any company which is able to build your new store? Never mind! We cooperate with hard working contractors which are perfectionist in their field
  4. Prepare your Offer
    Do you open the completely new store? Maybe you will need to know which products will be saleable and how many pieces and in which sizes you can order. In this case we can help you to prepare your first order, we have a sense to find the best product range to your store at your location
  5. Grand opening
    To attract your first customers, you need to present your brand on the highest level. And what is the most pleasant thing to hear than to hear from customers “Wooow”. We arrange your store, focal points, shop windows to get their deep interest to visit your store every day
  6. Training your Staff
    Your sales representatives must not be mere feeders of information or goods. They really have to know what they sell and how to sell it
  7. Keep the Bussines still runs
    Business goes down time to time. To minimalize huge faults and sales falls, we can visit your store and fix mistakes in displays and product presentations and teach continuously your staff in knowledge of sales

The Team

Project Manager VM

Lukáš Šmíd

Lukáš is a leader of our Visual Merchandising projects. He helps you in you retail space to attract your customers, create Impact displays, improve layouts, bring a new ideas in Shop Windows and of course he is very helpful if you need to design your…

Visual Merchandiser

Dominika Bíbrová

Dominka is the youngest and most energetic member of our team. Still studying, she brings new perspectives and ideas to visual merchandising and interior design projects. She is very creative and tenacious and full of passion for fashion.

Visual Merchandiser

Petr König

Petr is a partial member of our team with a versatile talent. He helps us with any project when we need to extend our team. He has got a sense of fashion & styling together with a brilliant sense of detail and also he is…


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