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The effectiveness of advertising and outdoor marketing, sales of promoted products and success of the brand, by alignment of marketing and merchandising at the store.

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Need Advice? We will design and manufacture a comprehensive marketing project across all available channels, in order to complete success. We also using electronic tools – Google Add words, Facebook, Instagram…

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We fine-tune your store and products with graphic materials, which we design and produce. Promotional graphics materials, window stickers, interior signages, price labels, etc.



The 5th important dimension of any marketing campaign is its SCENT! Contact us and we will help You to prepare SCENT MARKETING, which is today an important part of the business strategy for many global brands.

Ambient scenting is the art of having the capability to define the corporate identity of a brand and to convey its brand message in a permanent and fortified way. we prepare the scent that most represents the identity of your brand and the message it conveys and commences the fragrance design along with technical procedures needed.