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„Having a great store is the same as getting an employee who does a great job“

That’s reason why our team of visual merchandisers and architects together design a brilliant retail space. Functional and practical shops, taking into account all aspects of operation, retail business, psychology of space and sales.

Are you already working with your external architect and want to be sure that your project will work in real life? Contact us and we will review your project and suggest improvements and fix errors before building.

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We design in-store design in close connection with a branding and brand philosophy. We bring unusual elements into the interior that help the brand to visually separate from competition, bringing bonus which your customers will not find elsewhere.

Can you get more information? Contact us → and we find a term for meeting with you.

Ambient scenting is the art of having the capability to define the corporate identity of a brand and to convey its brand message in a permanent and fortified way. we prepare the scent that most represents the identity of your brand and the message it conveys and commences the fragrance design along with technical procedures needed.