We are responsive to the fast changing fashion world and deliver well-designed mannequins that are on pace with fashion trends, catering to our clients’ needs for stylish window display props. We delivery our clients with a wide range of proprietary pre-made and be-spoke solutions and also bespoke solution for specific requirements of any marketing projects.

Do you have any requirements for a special pose of mannequin to expose your clothes at the highest level? Give us picture or simply tell us what you would like, and leave the rest to us. Our well experienced team prepare for You different postures and sizes that are suitable for your displays.



Do you need interesting display elements like plinths, hooks, original decorations?

Display elements are parts of creative communication. Through a design of display the brand offers products and calls customers to buy. We cooperate with local suppliers (Czech Republic) and we are able to prepare bespoke element according to your wishes and project requirements. Also we bring you our designs and solution for different kind of displays, which you can order also in any other material & dimension modifications.



Are you looking for a specific furniture to expose your product during a marketing campaign? Do you preparing in-store design of new store and you need well-designed and interesting equipment, furniture and display elements?

We will design you all elements and we introduce them in 3D pictures, we arrange the furniture production and also we assemble the furniture on the spot.


Ennie collection livestyle 5


Dave collection livestyle 4


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